5 Important Reasons You Need Regular Professional AC Servicing And Maintenance

Professional air conditioning installation ensures a properly functioning system. However, regular servicing and maintenance by a professional are equally necessary. Trained technicians can tackle complicated tasks, such as cleaning moving parts, inspecting motors, and providing a thorough investigation.

Even if there are no visible problems on the AC, experts suggest having it serviced and maintained at least once a year. The ideal time for this purpose is during the spring season before the hot summer days kick in. Here are five important reasons for regular professional AC service and maintenance.

Maintain AC Efficiency

Air conditioners loose approximately 5% overall efficiency every year if not properly serviced and maintained professionally. Regular maintenance keeps the AC running at optimum capacity and improves energy efficiency. Preventive maintenance reduces the risk of potential repair issues.

Increase the Lifespan of the AC

Air conditioning units last an average of 10 to 15 years. Longevity is only possible with annual check-ups and tune-ups done by a professional if you want the best return on investment in your unit, regular servicing, and maintenance when necessary.

Reduce Energy Costs

With improved energy efficiency, you can save on electrical bills. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units typically use 3,000—5,000 watts of power and will run an average of nine hours per day for at least three to seven months per year. Without professional maintenance, the energy efficiency of a unit can suffer, resulting in higher energy costs.

Enhance Indoor Air Quality

AC units help control air quality inside homes by filtering pollutants and providing adequate ventilation. Keep in mind that filters can become significantly loaded after continuous use and may require replacement. A professional trained for air conditioning installation can get high-quality filters appropriately installed to ensure indoor air quality at all times.

Lessen Repair Issues

Most problems on an air conditioner can be prevented with regular servicing and maintenance by a professional. Trained technicians can perform a refrigerant charge, check fan motors, fix electrical issues, replace loaded filters, inspect drain lines, and the like. These routine checks can result in fewer repair issues and ensure a properly functioning unit all year round.

Bottom Line

As a homeowner, having a professional air conditioning installation is just the beginning. It is also necessary to have the regular air conditioner serviced and maintained by a professional at least once a year. Proper upkeep makes the system run efficiently, ensure high air quality, and provide adequate ventilation for your home.