How Fresh Paint Can Increase The Value Of A Home

Good Work!

Homeowners are always looking for ways to improve their investment. Whether they plan on living in it for years to come, or they are preparing to list the home in the near future, the right improvements can add value.

One of the most inexpensive, yet effective, ways to increase the value of a home is a quality paint job. The cost of paint is relatively low compared to other home improvements, and hiring a residential painter is affordable as well. Here are a few key areas to focus on.


The first thing every potential buyer notices is the exterior paint of a home. Making a great first impression can literally open the doors up for a lot more shoppers. Most will opt for a safe, neutral colour for the exterior, so there is no need to take a ton of chances.

Since the exterior of a home is exposed to all the different elements throughout the year, a fresh coat of paint can really make it pop. It is the most expensive investment in many cases as far as paint is concerned, but worth it for a lot of people.

Front Door

Staying outdoors, maybe the exterior of the home looks fine, but the door is starting to show its age. The front door of a home is still usually going to be a neutral colour, but people can take a few more chances with it. Having a door that contrasts with the exterior colour of the home can make it really pop.

If a door is really looking old, a brand new door might be needed. In most cases though, just a fresh new paint job is sufficient.


Interior Walls

When painting interior walls to increase the value of a home, neutral colours are key. This is especially true in the common areas. No one wants to see fresh purple or bright green walls when they are looking at listings.

With that said, the entire home does not need to be the same neutral colour. Some people will opt to break up certain areas of the home with its own slightly different colour. Painting inside is cheaper than investing in exterior paint, so that’s another plus for those who are a bit budget conscious.


Finally, out of all the different minor parts of the home to paint, the kitchen is the one area that makes the most sense. In particular, kitchen cabinets can be brought back to life with a new coat of paint.

The kitchen is one of the rooms people spend a lot of time in. A great looking kitchen stands out. Having cabinets that really pop with fresh paint can liven up an area that might currently look dull. The best part is, this is the easiest and most affordable way to hire a residential painter to help improve a home a little bit to increase the value.