Home Renovation Ideas for Smaller Properties

Living in a small property can become quite uncomfortable; especially if family numbers increase as the years go by. With more mouths to feed, there will also be more individuals to sleep comfortably and this is where home renovations can come in handy. Most local authorities are more than willing to approve expansion projects – especially those that reduce the need for larger properties to be constructed with government funding.

If you’re in a small home and keen to make the most of the space that you have available, then take a look at these home renovation ideas – all of which are guaranteed to breathe a little more size into your home.

Decorative walls aren’t a necessity

Most modern homes will feature load-bearing walls that are necessary for the structural integrity of a home. There are other walls that are a little less of a necessity however – typically walls that have been used to divide rooms, or act as entry points. There’s always the option of knocking these walls through to open up more space, but if you’re reluctant to demolish them entirely; you could always have a doorway installed to allow access from one area to another.

Think about your garden

If you have an outdoor area of any size, then using it to its fullest potential can certainly help to increase the size of a home. If space allows, why not consider having a separate room installed – one with access from the outside, as well as a doorway that leads inside. Alternatively, you could consider setting up a medium to large shed in the garden and if properly converted, it could act as a spare room – or it could simply be used to store goods and property; freeing up more space inside.

Multiple bathrooms can be very beneficial

There’s nothing worse than having to wait to use the bathroom, especially if several members of the family need to go at once. One of the most popular types of renovation relates to the installation of new water closets and as long as there is access to a stable water supply, a new bathroom could be set up indoors, under the stairs, or even outside in the garden (as long as there is sufficient coverage and privacy).